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Our goal is to help our members prevent illness and identify problems before they become serious. One way to achieve this goal is to provide our members with health-related resources and information that will assist them in managing and monitoring their own health.


Health Information Links


Riverside Physician Network is committed to providing our patients and community with the latest and most reliable health resources. If you have specific questions regarding health issues, please ask your primary caregiver. For general research on health topics, we recommend the following links:



Preventive Health Guidelines


Another way to manage your own health is by following the "Preventive Health Guidelines" that have been developed by health experts. These procedures and tests, listed below, may help you to prevent illness and identify problems before they become serious. Help your doctor to manage your health by requesting and following these recommendations within the time frames that are listed.


Screening and Immunization Recommendations
Type of Screening Interval
Height & Weight Periodically
Blood Pressure Periodically
Colorectal Cancer - Fecal Occult Blood Test, Flexible Sigmoidoscopy, DCBE or Colonoscopy Beginning at age 50 (interval & test to be
determined by physician)
Non-fasting, Total Blood Cholesterol Test Every five years
(for men ages 35 - 65)
(for women ages 45 - 65)
or earlier for other risk factors
Type of Immunization Interval
Tetanus-Diphtheria Booster (Td) Periodically (typically every 10 years after completion of primary series)
Influenza Vaccine Annually beginning at age 50 (or younger for high risk patients)
Pneumococcal Vaccine One time (A booster may be required)
Type of Screening Interval
Clinical Breast Exam Annually (ages 40-69)
Mammogram Every 1-2 years (ages 40-69)
Pap Smear & Pelvic Examination Annually until 2 consecutive negative screens, then every 1-3 years
Bone Density Measurement Screening For women at risk of osteoporosis (interval to be determined by physician)
Beginning at age 60 or earlier for other risk factors
Type of Immunization Interval
Rubella Serology or Vaccination For women of childbearing age (interval to be determined by physician)
Type of Screening Interval
Prostate Cancer Screening Beginning at age 50 or as discussed with physician


Health Education


Health Education classes are available for members of Riverside Physician Network (with Primary Care Physician referral). The health enhancement programs available to our patients will help you lead a healthier life by providing you with the tools and information you need to stay healthy.


Classes include Diabetes Control, Adult Weight Management, Prenatal Care, Healthy Heart, Hypertension and many more. Please contact your primary care physician for a referral to attend one of these health education classes.


Medical Nutrition Therapy and/or Health Education for: (Pediatric - Adult)

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