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  • To receive service within a reasonable period of time.
  • To receive medically necessary services.
  • To be treated with respect and courtesy.
  • To receive all available information about your care and treatment, including risks and options.
  • To have your medical coverage explained to you.
  • To have all medical and personal records treated as confidential.
  • To participate in treatment decisions.
  • To refuse treatment.
  • To receive impartial access to treatment.
  • To receive a second opinion regarding any treatment plan.
  • To review or to receive a copy of your medical record subject to legal restrictions and reasonable copying charges.
  • To request review of your medical record by the physician, and to request corrections if necessary.
  • To be given information on how to file a complaint/grievance.
  • To formulate an advance directive if you have a life threatening illness or injury.
  • To provide, or have provided for you, an interpreter in your primary language.

  • Having appropriate identification, insurance, membership cards, coverage stickers, etc, at the time of the appointment
  • Keeping appointments or contacting this office in advance to cancel an appointment.
  • Fulfilling financial obligations at the time of service such as deductible or co-pay fees.
  • Providing complete and accurate information.
  • Following the health plan you and the physician agree on.
  • Being considerate of others
  • Providing legal documentation of guardianship of a minor being treated.
  • Providing a list of persons who may receive medical information about you, on your behalf, in an emergency.

  • You have the right to obtain a free of charge copy of the actual benefit provision, guideline, protocol or other similar criterion on which a denial decision was based by calling Riverside Physician Network at 951-788-9800.

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